Sample APT Phase 2 PDF View (aka, DG-Like Output)

This site contains contains several examples of the new APT 2 PDF view including different versions of the exposure section.

Karla Peterson provided a list of Cycle 12 Phase 2 proposals which have a fairly comprehensive collection of Phase 2 features to check in the Phase 2 PDF view. The example PDF documents include views of a selection of 23 visits from those proposals and a single large composite visit constructed from a further selection of 34 exposures.

The first example, Selected Visits, shows the views of the 23 selected visits illustrating how various differing visit features appear. The following table lists the 23 visits and interesting things about each one.

Selected Visits (Note, each visit is commented with the source proposal/visit and interesting features)

The next examples show different versions of the single composite visit of 34 exposures with alternate organizations of the exposure section.

Different Exposure Sections (Note, the exposure section starts on page 5 of each example; my favorite is "ExposureH")

The proposals used for these examples are available at test proposals. Proposal "49221 Test.apt" contains the sample visits and exposures.