APT JWST Proposal Instructions Test Documents

The Traceability Matrices match requirements from the Proposal Instructions to test cases in proposals.

618 1.03 means program 618 observation 1 exposure specification 3
No exposure specification means the requirement is observation level or the template only allows a single exposure (or observation level is enough info).

#2 refers to a pattern #2

Note proposals starting with "9" are diagnostic proposals and are not expected to run through the VP or load into the database.

Ch 6.1: Coordinated Parallel Observations
Ch 6.1.1: Additional Dithers for Coordinated Parallel Observations
Ch 6.2: Pure Parallel Observations
Ch 7.2.1,2,5: General Special Requirements
Ch 7.2.3: Aperture Position Angle Special Requirements
Ch 7.2.4: Timing Special Requirements
Ch 7.2.6: Solar System Special Requirements
Ch 10: MIRI Imaging
Ch 11: MIRI Low Resolution Spectroscopy
Ch 12: MIRI Medium Resolution (Integral Field Unit) Spectroscopy
Ch 13: MIRI Coronagraphic Imaging
Ch 19.2 MIRI Dark
Ch 19.3: MIRI External Flat
Ch 19.4: MIRI Anneal
Ch 19.6: MIRI Coronagraphic Photometric Calibration
Ch 19.7 MIRI MRS Cross Grating Engineering
Ch 20: NIRCam Imaging
Ch 21: NIRCam Coronagraphic Imaging
Ch 22: NIRCam Time Series
Ch 23: NIRCam Grism Time Series
Ch 29.2: NIRCam Dark
Ch 29.3: NIRCam Wheel Exercise
Ch 29.4: NIRCam Focus
Ch 29.5: NIRCam IPR Imaging
Ch 29.6: NIRCam PIL Imaging
Ch 29.7: NIRCam External Flat
Ch 29.8: NIRCam Engineering Imaging
Ch 30: NIRSpec Fixed Slit Spectroscopy
Ch 31: NIRSpec Integrated Field Unit (IFU) Spectroscopy
Ch 32: NIRSpec MultiObject Spectroscopy
Ch 33: NIRSpec Bright Object Time Series
Ch 39.2: NIRSpec Dark
Ch 39.3: NIRSpec Focus
Ch 39.4: NIRSpec Focus Reference
Ch 39.5: NIRSpec Internal Lamp
Ch 39.6: NIRSpec MSA Anneal *NOT ON WEB YET*
Ch 39.7: NIRSpec MSA Short Detection
Ch 39.8: NIRSpec MSA Masking
Ch 39.9: NIRSpec Filter/Grating Wheel Test
Ch 39.10: NIRSpec Imaging
Ch 40: NIRISS Imaging
Ch 49.2: NIRISS Dark
Ch 49.3: NIRISS Focus
Ch 49.4: NIRISS Internal Flat
Ch 49.5: NIRISS External Calibration
Ch 59.2: FGS External Calibration
Ch 59.3: FGS Internal Flat
Ch 59.4: FGS Focus
Ch 60.2 WFSC NIRCam Fine Phasing
Ch 60.3 WFSC Commissioning
Ch 60.4 WFSC Global Alignment
Ch 60.5 WFSC NIRCam Coarse Phasing
Ch 60.6 MIRI Multi-Instrument Multi-Field Imaging
*Being removed with APT PR 90304*
    Ch 60.7 NIRSpec Multi-Instrument Multi-Field Imaging
    Ch 70.2 Realtime Commanding
    Ch 70.3 Station Keeping
    Ch 70.4 Safe Mode Recovery
    Ch 71.2 ISIM Dictionary File Update
    Ch 71.3 ISIM Asic Tuning

    Appendix D: Formula for exposure time *outdated*
    Proposals 801.aptx
    Python script and files   jwstexptime_io.py   framereadtime   nframes.groupgap
    Run example: python jwstexptime_io.py 801miri.in 801miri.out

    Appendix H: Rules for population of pointings/AperName *outdated*
    ** NOTE lots of questions/inconsistencies, PROPINST-JWST PR 79784 filed **
    Proposals 802.aptx

    input output
    801miri.in 801miri.out
    801nircam.in 801nircam.out
    801nirspec.in   801nirspec.out  
    801niriss.in 801niriss.out
    801fgs.in 801fgs.out
    801wfsc.in 801wfsc.out

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