APT JWST Proposal Instructions Test Documents

The Traceability Matrices match requirements from the Proposal Instructions to test cases in proposals.

618 1.03 means program 618 observation 1 exposure specification 3
No exposure specification means the requirement is observation level or the template only allows a single exposure (or observation level is enough info).

#2 refers to a pattern #2

Note proposals starting with "9" are diagnostic proposals and are not expected to run through the VP or load into the database.

Ch 6.1: Coordinated Parallel Observations
Ch 6.1.1: Additional Dithers for Coordinated Parallel Observations
Ch 6.2: Pure Parallel Observations
Ch 7.2.1,2,5: General Special Requirements
Ch 7.2.3: Aperture Position Angle Special Requirements
Ch 7.2.4: Timing Special Requirements
Ch 7.2.6: Solar System Special Requirements
Ch 8: Mosaic Parameters
Ch 10: MIRI Imaging
Ch 11: MIRI Low Resolution Spectroscopy
Ch 12: MIRI Medium Resolution (Integral Field Unit) Spectroscopy
Ch 13: MIRI Coronagraphic Imaging
Ch 19.2 MIRI Dark
Ch 19.3: MIRI External Flat
Ch 19.4: MIRI Anneal
Ch 19.6: MIRI Coronagraphic Photometric Calibration
Ch 19.7 MIRI MRS Cross Grating Engineering
Ch 20: NIRCam Imaging
Ch 21: NIRCam Coronagraphic Imaging
Ch 22: NIRCam Time Series
Ch 23: NIRCam Grism Time Series
Ch 29.2: NIRCam Dark
Ch 29.3: NIRCam Wheel Exercise
Ch 29.4: NIRCam Focus
Ch 29.5: NIRCam IPR Imaging
Ch 29.6: NIRCam PIL Imaging
Ch 29.7: NIRCam External Flat
Ch 29.8: NIRCam Engineering Imaging
Ch 30: NIRSpec Fixed Slit Spectroscopy
Ch 31: NIRSpec Integrated Field Unit (IFU) Spectroscopy
Ch 32: NIRSpec MultiObject Spectroscopy
Ch 33: NIRSpec Bright Object Time Series
Ch 39.2: NIRSpec Dark
Ch 39.3: NIRSpec Focus
Ch 39.4: NIRSpec Focus Reference
Ch 39.5: NIRSpec Internal Lamp
Ch 39.6: NIRSpec MSA Anneal *NOT ON WEB YET*
Ch 39.7: NIRSpec MSA Short Detection
Ch 39.8: NIRSpec MSA Masking
Ch 39.9: NIRSpec Filter/Grating Wheel Test
Ch 39.10: NIRSpec Imaging
Ch 40: NIRISS Imaging
Ch 49.2: NIRISS Dark
Ch 49.3: NIRISS Focus
Ch 49.4: NIRISS Internal Flat
Ch 49.5: NIRISS External Calibration
Ch 59.2: FGS External Calibration
Ch 59.3: FGS Internal Flat
Ch 59.4: FGS Focus
Ch 60.2 WFSC NIRCam Fine Phasing
Ch 60.3 WFSC Commissioning
Ch 60.4 WFSC Global Alignment
Ch 60.5 WFSC NIRCam Coarse Phasing
Ch 60.6 MIRI Multi-Instrument Multi-Field Imaging
*Being removed with APT PR 90304*
    Ch 60.7 NIRSpec Multi-Instrument Multi-Field Imaging
    Ch 70.2 Realtime Commanding
    Ch 70.3 Station Keeping
    Ch 70.4 Safe Mode Recovery
    Ch 70.5 Pointing Only
    Ch 71.2 ISIM Dictionary File Update
    Ch 71.3 ISIM Asic Tuning
    Ch H1 MIRI Rules for population of pointings/AperName
    Ch H2 NIRCam Rules for population of pointings/AperName
    Ch H3 NIRSpec Rules for population of pointings/AperName
    Ch H4 FGS Rules for population of pointings/AperName
    Ch H5 NIRISS Rules for population of pointings/AperName
    Ch H6 WFSC Rules for population of pointings/AperName

    Appendix D: Formula for exposure time *outdated*
    Proposals 801.aptx
    Python script and files   jwstexptime_io.py   framereadtime   nframes.groupgap
    Run example: python jwstexptime_io.py 801miri.in 801miri.out

    input output
    801miri.in 801miri.out
    801nircam.in 801nircam.out
    801nirspec.in   801nirspec.out  
    801niriss.in 801niriss.out
    801fgs.in 801fgs.out
    801wfsc.in 801wfsc.out

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