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Last updated 16-Mar-2017

What's New in APT 25.0.4 (PPS Build 14.0)

1) There has been a major update to the APT Timing model for APT 25.0.4.
This update is based on in-depth analysis of data returned from ISIM Cryo Vac 3 testing (that ended in Feb 2016), and adds new or updated modeling for overheads such as:
  • On board script compilation time, onboard script overheads
  • Exposure overheads
  • Mechanism Motions
  • Visit overheads

  • To review the breakdown of overheads for your program in APT use File>Export>times file.

    We expect overhead times to increase for most templates. A detailed document covering all overhead modeling is in the works.

    2) Note that Coordinated Parallel templates are currently using *only* the prime template for estimation of overheads.
    This means that coordinated parallels are likely to be underestimated across the board, as there are several types of
    situations where the overhead will be longer in the parallel template or the overheads will be additive
    (script compile time, etc). You may want to plan for this in your accounting when requesting time using coordinated parallel templates.

    3) There has been a major fix to the Aladin display.
    A basic inconsistency in the direction of offsets displayed in Aladin (which people use to preview/design
    their mosaics) and the pointings (which are shared with the scheduling software to allow guidestar testing
    and ultimately will flow to the telescope). After a lot of study and checking, the Aladin display was made
    consistent with the pointings sent to the telescope. This means that programs which are not completely symmetric
    and have been designed up until now looking at Aladin may need to be reworked. This affects the OFFSET special
    requirement, dithers and mosaics. A user has created a Python script for updating the OFFSET special requirement
    in his own complex proposal. Please let us know if you would like to use this.

    4) Manual changes will be needed for NIRCam Imaging observations which specified "Module A" only. Module A is no longer
    allowed by itself in Imaging. The motivation is to balance the mechanism usage between the two NIRCam modules. Because
    coronagraphy and grism time series imaging are restricted to Module A, we are restricting single-module imaging to Module B to
    balance the burden.

    5) There is a new target type called "Target Groups". Currently it is only allowed for four templates: MIRI LRS and MRS,
    and NIRSpec FSS and IFU. It is intended to allow for the observation of closely spaced targets to be observed within
    one Visit (saving overhead of multiple observations and the wear and tear on the mechanism). Note that since this
    has only been implemented in APT for accounting purposes there is an error message that you cannot get rid of noting
    that it is not fully implemented.

    6) Many updates to dithers for NIRCam, minor changes for NIRISS, and MIRI.

    7) A new capability has been added to note that a fixed target will act as background for another fixed target. This will
    allow proper association for data reduction.

    8) The sample proposals available from File>JWST Demonstration Proposals have been updated to be consistent with APT 25.0.4
    as is a great starting point for people just getting started.

    9) The JWST training materials below have been updated with new topics. Scroll down to "Documentation for the JWST APT”.

    What's New in APT 25.0.3 (PPS Build 14.0)

    Special Notes about using APT 25.0.3: Documentation for the JWST templates: Feedback and Questions:

    If you have any questions about this release please use the new JWST Helpdesk. You will need to log in with your MyST credentials. Click on Get Help and then choose the card of the help desk which is most relevant.

    Training videos for JWST APT

    This is series of short training movies and/or screen shot documents to demonstrate APT tools.

    Documentation for the JWST APT (New for APT 25.0.4)

    Title Text Movie
    Getting Started Yes -
    Target Ingest Yes -
    Running the Visit Planner Yes -
    Running Smart Accounting Yes -
    Adding Special Requirements to Observations Yes -
    Assigning Position Angles Yes -
    Creating Mosaics Yes -
    Resolving Scheduling Problems with JWST Mosaics Yes -

    APT Training Materials written for HST (of use for JWST until they can be redone)

    Title Text Movie
    General Overview of APT GUI Yes 6 mins.
    Using the Find feature - 3.5 mins.
    Reviewing Diagnostics Yes 4.5 mins
    The Differencing Tool - 5.5 mins
    How to use the MAST Portal from APT - 7 mins.
    How to export Exposure Maps Yes -
    How to retrieve minor body orbital elements from Horizons - 2 mins.

    Aladin Interface Training Materials written for HST (of use for JWST until they can be redone)

    Aladin is the tool for visualizing observations in APT.

    Title Text Movie
    Using HLA with Aladin Yes 3.5 mins.
    Using Aladin with APT in Phase II Yes 6.5 mins.
    Using the Aladin Multiview Function - 1.5 mins.

    Training Movies for the MultiObject Spectrograph's MSA Planning Tool (need to be updated)

    Title Text Movie
    Short AAS demo movie - Yes
    Generating a plan - Yes
    Reviewing a plan - Yes
    Adding configurations to a plan - Yes
    Adding Fillers to a plan - Yes