HST Phase II Glossary

Here are some useful definitions for the first time HST user:
  1. Contact Scientist
  2. Coordinated Parallel
  3. Pattern Specification
  4. Pattern
  5. Program Coordinator
  6. Non-Interruptible Sequence
  7. Visit

Contact Scientist: Contact Scientists are Instrument Scientists who can assist you with scientific and instrument-related questions. If you wish to request a CS for your program, please send an email message to help@stsci.edu that includes your program ID and the prime instrument used. Requests should be received at least 1-2 weeks prior to the Phase II deadline.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced user and your program is straightforward, then you can simply send instrument and science-related questions to help@stsci.edu; and your questions will be directed to the appropriate instrument group for a response.

All programs will be technically reviewed by the appropriate instrument group after submission and before scheduling.

Coordinated Parallel: Exposures from two different instruments which are placed in a parallel container will be executed at the same time.

Pattern Specification: A definition for a regular set of discrete pointing offsets from a target.

Pattern: Exposures placed in a pattern container will be repeated as a set at each point in a the referenced pattern specification.

Program Coordinator: Your PC serves as your primary support contact at STScI. He or she will help you develop a technically feasible observing program that achieves your scientific goals. Feel free to contact your PC throughout the proposal writing process with questions about APT, proposal syntax, and scheduling issues.

Non-Interruptible Sequence: Exposures placed in a Non-Interruptible Sequence container will be observed without gaps due to Earth occultation or SAA passages.

Visit: A visit is a series of one or more exposures on or around a target, including the overheads, that will execute in one or more consecutive orbits.