APT Project Training Page

APT Getting Started Documents

- APT: HST Proposal Preparation Environment for the Second Decade (tool of future document) 9/19/1999 (text)

- APT Science Presentation - July 2000 (pdf)

- APT Operations Concept (pdf)

- APT Architecture Document DRAFT (pdf)

Running the Software - Unix

To Run the SEA prototype, run-sea

To Run the VTT, hot-vtt. For a demo contact Karla Peterson

To Run the ETC, hot-etc. For a demo contact Chris O'dea

Setting Up Your Software Environment for Unix or the PC

Contact your favorite development/testing team member. If this doesn't work for you, contact Jesse Doggett, the APT configuration manager.

APT Admin Stuff


- APT Meetings Schedule

- APT Email Lists

- APT Project Team