APT Project PR Priorities

Priorities are categorized in one of 5 categories, defined by the first digit in the PR priority (or Ranking):

Label Priority Notes
Critical 150 Cannot release without this, or we need to make a minor release ASAP
Important 250 Planned to be done for an upcoming release
Medium 350 Generally useful improvements, would avoid minor confusion, to be done as time and resources allow
Low 450 Of little or no benefit, a simple workaround exists, and it is easy to avoid confusion
Deferred 550 Level of Effort required to implement is not worth the benefit to be gained, should be addressed only as part of larger scale rework or another project

The second priority will default to x50, which will have no particular meaning.  Developers will use additional values
from 00-49 and 51-99 to indicate how they will schedule and manage their work for a particular release. Outside of the
Development Team, there will be no reason for users to understand the subtleties of this numbering.

Items which are actually On Hold, where no work is expected until outside action occurs, will be "DEFERRED"
as per the PR System, and a list will be kept on the APT Agenda.

Critical will be reserved for truly Critical work.  Most items promised in a release will be set to Important instead.