Email lists are maintained by the majordomo mail list server located at http://www.stsci.edu/cgi-bin/jDomo.tcl
Lists can be sent email @stsci.edu.  These lists are commonly used in the process of APT development.

List Who is on it Description
apt-developer APT Developers APT Development team email distribution list. Used for communicating among developers.
apt-list APT Stakeholders APT Project Stakeholders email distribution list. Used for annoucing weekly user's group and requirements.
apt-users APT Users APT user group email distribution list. Used to announce Release information.  Includes external users.
apt_help APT Testers and Developers User Support for APT.  Used by PIs to contact us.
phase2tigerteam Operations and APT Developers Used for announcing problems found in automated Phase II processing.
java-interested Java developers Questions or comments, or requests regarding Java
macx-users Mac OSX Users Discussions of Mac specific issues