[This page is out of date.  See your management for proper WBS tracking]

APT Project WBSs

P002.539.00.01.001 -> APT Management

P002.539.00.03.001 -> APT Concept Studies and Requirements

P002.539.00.03.002 -> APT Design

P002.539.00.03.003 -> APT Implementation and Coding

P002.539.00.03.004 -> APT Test & Integration

P002.539.00.03.005 -> APT Quality Assurance & Inter Cont

P002.539.00.03.006 -> APT Configuration Management

P002.539.00.03.007 -> APT Software Problem Analysis

P002.539.00.05.003 -> APT Computer Ops

APT Project WBSs after October 1st 2001

P0003.04.05.02 -> APT Project

- Current STScI WBS Explanation Document

- STScI WBS Explanation Documents for FY02 (after Oct 1, 2001)